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Technological excellence


All types of systems, those of today and tomorrow

Ranieri Impiantistica systems guarantee high level of comfort, security and energy saving, distinguishing the premises with a new concept of efficency and wellness, thanks to the most modern and reliable solutions, both for the civil structures and companies, fundamental to improving the viability of work environments and the efficiency of production processes.

  • Air treatment systems with absolute air filtration for specialized departments of healthcare facilities and research centers, with constant thermo-hygrometric control;
  • Development and implementation of radiant panels for civilian homes, churches and airports;
  • Systems with methane gas refrigerator units, which produce fluid both for heating circuits and cooling circuits at the same time;
  • units with condensing heat recovery for hot water production;
  • Sewage treatment systems for industries;
  • Solar panel systems;
  • Water-sanitary systems;
  • Fire prevention systems;
  • Electrical installations;
  • Photovoltaic systems;
  • Control, management and maintenance with remote management system.


The valorisation of the staff as a competitive advantage

Strong point of Ranieri Impiantistica are the professional figures formed by the company:

  • Hygienic manager (Category A), formed under the “Guidelines for the definition of protocols for predictive maintenance of air conditioning systems” (Ministry of Health – State-Regions Agreement Provv.05-10-2006 – G: U. 03-11-2006);
  • Staff with a second-degree license enabling for the conduction of thermal installations;
  • Staff registered in the F-GAS register and in possession of the requirements required by DPR 43/2012, the Acedia RT-28 Regulation and Regulation (EC) N.303 / 2008;
  • Staff holding the welder qualification certificate in accordance with UNI EN ISO 9606-1: – UNI EN 13067 ed. 2013, Class PE2 + PE3 and UNI EN 13585 of 2012;
  • Firefighters and Emergency Managers (high risk) in accordance with Art. 37 paragraph 9 and art. 46 of Legislative Decree 81/08 disciplined by D.M. March 10, 1998;
  • Fire Fighters, with Ministerial attestation according to art. 37 paragraph 9 of Legislative Decree 81/08, based on the provisions of art. 17 paragraph 5 of Legislative Decree 139/06 and of D.M. of 10 March 1998.


The staff participated in numerous training courses:

  • For radiation Protection (art.61, paragraph 3, letter e – and paragraph 4 of Legislative Decree 230/95 and s.m.i.);
  • For operators in confined spaces (application of DPR 177/2011);
  • For PES-PAV workers (Legislative Decree 81/2008 Art. 82, para. 1, B – CEI 11-27);
  • For work at height, in accordance with Chapter II of Legislative Decree 81/08 and subsequent amendments
  • For third-class PPE use pursuant to art. 37 and 77 of Legislative Decree 81/0
  • For works on elevating platforms with or without stabilizers, pursuant to art. 73, c. 5 of Legislative Decree 81/08


All types of systems, those of today and tomorrow

Ranieri Impiantistica takes care of the after-sales service with competent staff and adequate operational means. Together with the sale, a scheduled technical assistance service is offered, so that the installed systems can guarantee the best performances and continuous efficiency over time. The technical staff performs constant checks on the safety of the systems, with sophisticated equipment, and through maintenance interventions that guarantee a systematic and consistent reduction of the risks of stoppage of the same, and also a considerable reduction in operating costs. Ranieri Impiantistica’s staff provides tailor-made solutions, quick and safe interventions, managing the entire process from design to maintenance of the plants. The maintenance service, both ordinary and extraordinary, is quick and professional, able to promptly bring the systems to the optimal operating conditions.

Control of systems with remote management

Ranieri Impiantistica can offer the service of control, management and maintenance with remote management system, consisting of remote stations connected to the plants, sensors and centralization software. With this system, the Ottaviano company will monitor your systems 24 hours a day, quickly and optimally, perfecting the operation of the equipment, while allowing you to save energy and natural resources and reducing running costs.

This type of control is essential for those structures that have plants with continuous cycle operation.

The possibility to establish an immediate diagnostic and to be able to intervene remotely allows to reduce the time of interruption of the service.

In the event that a fault occurs, the maintenance personnel intervene promptly on the system, detecting the origin of the accident and preparing the necessary spare parts.

Ranieri Impiantistica, for fault management and assistance, has activated the toll-free number 800 65 99 99. The operators will collect the requests and, in a short time, make the necessary interventions to restore the plants.