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Solidarity and social responsibility: indispensable ethical values.

When a company  shows itself to be sensitive and attentive to the no profit causes, it looks like something is changing and that the sense of social responsibility to the well-being of the community related issues is gradually involving a growing number of people.

When company initiatives also include the growth of the skills necessary to overcome the barriers to entry into the job world, then we should think of the social commitment of the Ranieri Impiantistica.

In addition to working for health facilities and improving the healthiness of high-traffic environments that require special protection, the company has always been very attentive to the development of a company philosophy based on ethics.

The company mission, in fact, aims to spread a socially responsible behavior towards not only their employees and customers, but of the whole community.

Firmly convinced that the only solution for sustainable growth is a new business sensibility, Ranieri Impiantistica has therefore developed actions in favor of its employees, aimed at improving safety and health conditions, promoting training and communication and listening initiatives.

The company, which works all over the national territory, is also focused on the growth of professional figures in Campania, collaborating with large training schools in order to build highly specialized professionals. It is also signatory of the agreement with MIUR and Federmeccanica for the alternation between school and work, which consists in the realization of paths aimed at qualifying the training offer for secondary school students.

Environment protection, promotion of culture and art, support for charitable organizations, respect for workers’ rights and safety of working conditions, enhancement of human resources, respect for equal opportunities, schools projects and investments for young people, support and respect for human rights, promotion and support of innovative technologies, social promotion are just some of the initiatives activated by society.

The company has been able to experience strong growth thanks to this modus operandi.

Furthermore, Ranieri Impiantistica has been managing a series of social and environmental objectives for years with the same impetus and dedication with which it operates in its activity. He dedicates himself with passion to projects for the enhancement and responsible management of artistic and historical resources of the Campania region. In a historical phase in which public funds do not seem to be sufficient for a suitable valorization of art, Ranieri Impiantistica has included not only countless and prestigious projects to safeguard art, such as the restoration of Gaetano Donizetti’s musical instruments in Pollena Trocchia, the recovery of pastors of the 18yh century and numerous paintings of the Neapolitan School in the Church of San Michele Arcangelo of Ottaviano, but also solidarity and support projects such as those provided to the Red Cross Pompeian and the Superabile Association of Pagani (SA). The company is also a signatory of a protocol with “African Textures” for the completion of the Pediatrics Department of the St. Therese Hospital in Kiirua (Kenya).

There is an ethical way of doing business, at 360 °: employee welfare and welfare are just one example, as are the beneficial projects that have always been supported.