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From the founder’s enterprise to renewable energy installations

Ranieri Impiantistica was born between the end of the nineteenth and the beginning of the twentieth century thanks to Michele Ranieri, who took care of  the public lighting of Ottaviano and the installation of luminaries for patronal parties. The founder is assisted by his son Pasquale,  that is also dedicated to the construction of distillers. Between 1950 and 1960, the third generation Ranieri arrived on the scene.

The passion, professionalism and genius of Michele Ranieri (class ’33) cross the local borders, making him gain great visibility with installations throughout Italy.

The “Michele Ranieri Company” soon became one of the few real-estate factories specializing in heating systems, air systems, water purification and reconversion of thermal power stations, from diesel fuel to the use of other comburents.

Since the beginning, the company has distinguished itself for its ability to look to the future with the sole and only goal of innovation. In 1986, the company bacame a Ltd., under the name of “Ranieri Impiantistica srl”, managed by Pasquale Ranieri (fourth generation), specializing in the air conditioning and refrigeration for the health, industrial and hotel facilities, shopping centers and multiplexes.

Pasquale Ranieri, sole administrator and technical director, despite having achieved a leading position in the sector,

is constantly committed to enhancing the heritage of technological and personal skills of the company. His experience and expertise in the field led him to cover several positions:

“In order to be incisive in our sector we need to focus a lot on training and on the regular updating of the norms related to our environment, all this is made possible thanks to the presence in national technical committees, associations such as AiCARR and ASSISTAL; only in this way, in fact, we can offer the best contribution in the design tasks, ” says the sole director.

And it is this way of thinking, before acting, that leads Mr Ranieri to cover various positions:

– National Vice President of Assistal
– (Manufacturers National Association)

Association founded in 1946, with headquarters in Milan and Rome and operating throughout Italy, the only one to have institutional relations and signatory of the metalworking contract.

– Delegate AiCARR for Campania (Air Conditioning, Heating and Refrigeration Italian Association)

Member of the National Boards of:

– CTI (Italian Thermotechnical Committee)
– CIG (Italian Gas Committee)
– PROSIEL (Safety and Electrical Innovation)
– Board Member of the section ”Impianti Facility Management e Global Service” of the Industrial Union of Naples
– Associate ASCCA (Association for the Study and Control of Environmental Contamination), C.N.E.T.O. (National Center for Building and Hospital Engineering)and AIISA (Air Systems Hygienists Italian Association).

Ranieri Impiantistica arrived in 2016, at the end of the thirtieth year of activity, with constant commitment, high professionalism, high quality of work and great availability to customers, has tripled the staff, renewed the fleet of vehicles, reinforced all the equipment. This exponential growth is beyond doubt due to the extraordinary investment in staff training, which avails itself of trained and qualified professionals to follow the entire process of construction of air conditioning systems, preserving their integrity and hygiene, while respecting sustainability environmental.

In the classrooms and in the laboratory, within the company, great attention is paid to meetings focused on “quality”,  as moments of  confrontation and global and transversal training. The latter embraces the different professional profiles in order to transfer a philosophy, a “business methodology”.

This revolutionary and forward-looking path has allowed Ranieri Impiantistica to be recognized as a leading company in the field of maintenance of technological systems.

Ranieri Impiantistica guarantees availability 24 hours a day, providing the skills and equipment necessary to intervene promptly in order to guarantee excellent service.

Maintenance is wrongly perceived as a cost; on the contrary it must be considered an investment that allows savings and maintenance of energy efficiency.

Ranieri Impiantistica is a reference point in the design, construction and installation of technological systems for health facilities that, because of the high costs due to poor air quality (in terms of human lives, drugs and energy) require a very high level of commitment and attention to keep under control parameters such as filtration, humidity, temperature and air speed.