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“Non amiamo seguire l’aria che tira. Preferiamo crearla.” advertising campaign in major newspapers

Ranieri Impiantistica realizes air conditioning and air treatment systems with absolute filtration for specialized departments of health facilities and research centers throughout Campania, with constant thermohygrometric control; sewage treatment plants for civil homes, industries and health facilities; solar, water-sanitary, fire-fighting, electrical and photovoltaic systems.   In addition, the company develops radiant panel systems, for civil […]

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The industrial sector in the new advertising campaign

In the industrial sector it is essential that the environments are equipped with an air treatment system capable of ensuring the protection of the characteristics of the products and the adequate comfort for the people who work.   Moreover, with an ad hoc design, installation and maintenance of the technological systems, from the heating and […]

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Ranieri Impiantistica on Rai1

Lino Ranieri host of “Uno mattina in famiglia” on Rai1, as Assistal spokesperson to talk about the domestic accidents, often fatal, caused by carbon monoxide, due to the poor maintenance of the heating systems.

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