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The new industrial revolution

Ranieri Impiantistica is always present when it comes to progress. “Industry 4.0”, in fact, represents the vanguard and the company, through a deserving activism and constant updating, contributes every day to the realization of the “new industrial revolution”.  

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Ranieri Impiantistica on Mattina9

Experience and professionalism at the service of young people: Ranieri Impiantistica talks about its 30 years of success and difficulty. The voice of Lino Ranieri is presented as Campania excellence. The fourth generation in fact looks to the future, however, based on solid foundations: training and protection of the worker, respect for the environment and […]

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Prosiel Road Tour 2017

Your security is our goal: Prosiel is a non-profit association that takes care of informing citizens of the conscious use of electricity; spread the culture of prevention; advise the user in the maintenance of the electrical system. All this with the aim of improving the quality of life. Ranieri Impiantistica has the same objectives, in […]

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